Music Cue Sheet

从编辑序列中生成包含时间码、持续时间和轨道元数据的干净Music Cue Sheet。上传 XML 或 EDL 文件并生成 CSV、XLSX、PDF、TXT 或其他格式,以在 Google Sheets、Microsoft Excel、Apple Numbers 和类似程序中使用。


We created this tool to save you time!


cue sheets created


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提示表生成器将快速生成项目中使用的所有音乐曲目的简单列表。该工具可以从 Media Composer、Premiere Pro、Resolve 和 Final Cut Pro 读取序列。它合并多个曲目并删除不可见的剪切以获得简洁的列表。 根据文件名,如果音乐曲目的元数据来自我们的合作伙伴库之一,也可以自动添加到提示表中。可以使用预设自定义导出并导出为多种不同的格式,包括 CSV、XLSX 和 PDF。


  • EDL - Edit Decision List (.edl)
  • XML - Final Cut 7 XML (.xml)
  • XML - Extensible Markup Language (.xml) (Avid Media Composer)
  • TXT - Avid Pro Tools TXT -> Session Info as text (.txt)
  • FCPXML - Final Cut Pro X (.fcpxml)

Music Libraries

By partnering with several production music libraries, we are able to associate a wide range of metadata. When you use tracks from one of the following libraries, the Music Cue Sheet Tool can collect all available metadata about them. To use this feature, enable "Include metadata from music libraries" in the tool. Select a preset or create your own custom cue sheet preset with the metadata you need, such as composer details, artists, label codes, ISRC, GEMA code, and more.

Check out the music from the libraries that work with us and make your work easier by using tracks from those libraries.

Are you missing a library or do you work for a music library? Contact us and become a partner so your customers can benefit from our tool. Becoming a partner is a simple and straightforward process.

元数据将使用文件名添加。为了确保所有歌曲都能被识别,您不应在下载后重命名文件。 我们对数据的准确性不承担任何法律责任。您有义务亲自检查提示表的正确性。

The workflow in detail

Learn how this cue sheet tool works.

There are 6 simple steps you can follow to get the best workflow results:

  1. Prepare the sequence for which you want to create a cue sheet. It is best to make a copy and clean up the tracks, removing clips that do not belong there. It is a good idea to collect all the cues on 2 or 3 tracks and export only those tracks.
  2. Depending on the software you are using, you can export an EDL, XML or ProTools Session TXT. If you are using Adobe Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve, we recommend that you export a Final Cut 7 XML.
  3. Upload your sequence to our Music Cue Sheet Tool and choose your desired settings. The tool will analyze your sequence and create a sorted track list.
  4. The track list calculates the duration of each clip. Depending on your settings, similar clips are grouped together.
  5. If you enable the "Include metadata from music libraries" option and select the libraries from which you used music, the tool will check for additional metadata in those libraries. The information is pulled from data provided directly by our library partners via API or shared database. This includes for example information about the music album, the composer and artist up to library codes and label names.
  6. Once all the information is collected, it is exported to the file format of your choice. The recommended export format is CSV, which contains all the data you need and can be easily edited using Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets.





Merge overlapping identical clips

When this option is enabled, clips that are cut into multiple pieces in your sequence are automatically merged into a single entry, as long as there is no break between them. If the tool finds the same clip on multiple tracks, they will also be merged and displayed as a single entry.

Use frame handles to find & merge identical clips

Use this option to join clips even if there is a gap between them. You can define a range of 1 to 500 frames to be covered. If the tool finds the same clip on multiple tracks, they will also be merged and displayed as a single entry.


您可以自定义导出文件中的栏目。从几个公共模板中选择,或按 "+"号来创建你自己的预设。显示时间码、长度和单个元数据有无数种可能性。若要保存预设,您必须先登录。


How do I import a csv file into Google Sheets?

Open Google Sheets and go to "File -> Import". Upload the generated CSV file and press "Import Data" to generate a Sheet with all markers.

How do I import a csv file into Apple Numbers?

Open Numbers and go to "File -> Open". Simply open the CSV file.






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