Letterbox 生成器

生成任何分辨率的干净且性能优化的letterbox ,具有可自定义的宽高比和颜色,作为批量渲染、媒体编码器或编辑时间线的叠屏。

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This free tool can create letterboxes and pillarboxes for any sequence resolution with any ratio and in any color. You can also set the letterbox transparency and drop an image as a preview.

Why should I use letterboxes and pillarboxes from EditingTools.io?

Our files are generated in an optimized format. They are very small in file size and help to get a better performance in editing and rendering times. The letterboxes can be used as an overlay and are not lost when the project is moved to another software for grading. The export format is PNG and is supported in all editing programs.

Editing Asset Bundle

This collection contains over 500 different letterboxes and pillarboxes for film post-production. The files are sorted by category and can be inserted directly into the edit as an overlay. They are also optimised for memory and rendering performance, making them unique. All files are in PNG format and compatible with all major editing programs.

1080p, 2K, UHD, 4K, 6K, 8K and others



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